A member of the AATO is a qualified professional who holds public safety as vital and seeks ongoing improvements to the construction industry. As professionals, each of
our members is required to uphold our strict code ethics, adhere to the requirements
of the Association, engage in continuing professional development and ensure that the integrity of their profession is not compromised in any way. As an accredited professional, each Association member draws upon their high level of education and training. This training ensures the safe design and management of all types of construction projects.

Our Role:
As specialists in the science of building, AATO members are engaged in providing an extensive range of services relating to building projects, all in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.

Generally speaking, of the four titles offered within the Association, the Architectural Technologists would possess a more formal background in architectural design. Our members in private practice design and prepare construction drawings within their
areas of expertise. These projects vary from residential to commercial and industrial building types. In addition to our members in private practice, the membership also
has many individuals who work within the public and private sector.

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